My name is Benjamin Martin.
I live in Berlin with my daughter & son.
I am in a partnership with Manuela Bosch
I was born in California.
I speak fluent French & English, a bit of German & Russian.
I have been helping people with the internet for 18 years.
I am a webguru.
I am an artist.
I am a body-mind explorer
I organize interactive installations for play in tête
a project space in Prenzlauerberg Berlin.
I play the flute and clarinet.
I love to sing.
I love to dance.
I love to sing and dance.
I am a nerd.
I love the internet, i hate that it takes so much time.
time we could spend in nature.
time we could spend talking, dancing, laughing, playing and building things in the real world.
I love helping people to find simple solutions to their dreams.
I prefer to work for individuals or small businesses, 
but i occasionally work for larger organizations if there goals are earth friendly.
I will only work for people and projects i love and respect.

you can contact me by phone +49 15773930324.
by skype: benjaminleemartin
by email: benjamin@u-i-u.com