i like to make websites for artists,
musicians, makers, healers, yogis,
creative individuals & you...


I traded bodywork sessions, homemade bread and vegetables from his garden with Berlin Based Bodyworker Felix Falkenhahn. Felix is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him as a bodyworker, he is highly skilled in a wide range of body and mind modalities and has a very big heart.


The Willa Walker was invented and brought to the world by 4 dads(including me) who like to make the world a more playful place. This simple invention that my very good friend Gabe Cohn invented to help toddlers learning to walk discover the world on 2 feet. Last summer a Willa Walker video received 50 million views and there are now more than 5000 Willa Walkers in over 70 countries in the world. It is made with upcycled wood scraps from Masaya Company a sustainable hardwood furniture company based in Nicaragua and for every WW purchased Eden Projects plants 10 trees. So far we have helped plant over 50,000 trees as well as donated over 5000$ to The Lonely Whale Foundation to help protect our oceans through education.


Playful Nature LLC is the company i founded with 3 dads to bring simple earth friendly playful tools and toys to the world.
Our first product was The Willa Walker a simple tool for helping toddlers that are learning to walk that has been shared over 100million times all over the world.
We are proud to offer a new product made from the same upcycled scraps of sustainable hardwoods: The BENJIBlocks are simply beautiful wood blocks for imaginative and meditative play.


Ushi is on a mission to elevate the art of Vegan Sushi.
Through Roll your Own Fine Dining experiments and partnerships with with Plant Based Food Visionaries,
we promote the karmic friendly alternative to traditional sushi and let your taste buds do the rest.

Ushi is an opensource food system that anyone can set up as a popup event, cafe or other social actions.


Lotus Center Cambodia is my friend and Tai Chi master Bruno Eap's project outside of Phnom Phen. In addition to organizing reatreats, through his non profit Lotus Fleur de Lumiere he has been teaching the village kids martial arts, French lessons, music lessons etc. 


A simple website for my daughters Waldorf Kindergarten in Berlin, featuring a fullscreen slideshow of images that let you discover the school.

Playful Nature is on a mission to bring more play to peoples lives through Simple Playful Interactive art installations.

Started in 2015 by myself and my very good friend Andrew Amondson, we have been offering magical events in the tête art space in Berlin.

In 2018 we are collaborating with the maker's space project in the Koreatown Los Angeles Public Library to give birth to the "Wonder Wall" a creative Activity Wall for 3 and up.

Playful Nature is the non-profit little brother of Playful Nature LLC the Dads and Makers of The Willa Walker


Marie Foulatier is a BrainGym and BMC practicioner who works with autistic kids, children with movement dificulities and anyone else who wants to bring some freedom in thier lives.

If you are in Bretagne in France,
i highly reccomend taking the leap and discovering something new.


Society of Friends is an Ayurvedic Healing Center
in the heart of Prenzlauerberg.

This hidden paradise is really worth a visit.

I traded for the Logo design and website with Manuela Heider der Jahnsen in exchange for Acupuncture, Ayurvedic oil massage and Yoga therapy.


A simple 1 page scrollable website
for a vacation house in Inverness California.


A website for Raw Material Company
a Center for Art, Knowledge and Society in Dakar Senegal.


A website for District Berlin
an art center in Berlin.


Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez is a contemporary artist living in Berlin. I created a customizable infinite home page that she can modify all graphical aspects: placements, sizes, fonts etc.


A website for Alexandra Hopf
a German artist based in Berlin.

Made for cash and a very unique artwork.


A website for Sox Berlin
a project space in Kreuzberg Berlin
which consists of a window on the street.


A website for Picture Berlin
a hybrid photography residency
taking place in Berlin every summer.


A website for Benedikt Terwiel
a German artist based in Berlin.


A website for GA Paris
guided tours by architects in Paris.


A website for Ofrin
a wonderful musician singer songwriter and lovely human being.


A website for tête
a project space in Prenzlauerberg, Berlin.


A website for Anna Chkolnikova
a wonderful amazing Belarussian artist based in Berlin,
who happens to be my wonderful amazing wife.


A website for Ginna Flemming a travel photographer
based in Mill Valley, California.

Website built with Squarespace.
Made for cash and print of one of Ginna's beautiful photos.


A website for Bernard Weiner, Photographer, writer, poet & an all around wonderful human being.

Website built with Squarespace.
Made for cash & a print of a starfish underwater.


A website for Kunst im Bauhof
an art gallery in Winterthur, Switzerland.


A website for the Belarussian architect Boris Shkolnikov.


A full online catalog for Gilles Nouailhac
a handcrafted luxury furniture brand in Paris.


A simple full screen slideshow to showcase Alexander Julian's Estate which is currently on sale in Connecticut.

I make simple custom websites that you can edit & add to as much as you want.



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